Bloody Stool’s origin started without any musical instruments, songs, record executives, or any typical path that most bands take. Bloody Stool started in prison. Yes f-ing prison! The Florida State Prison – East Unit to be exact. Most people know of it as the Starke Prison, which makes no sense because it’s really located in Raiford. Regardless, it’s the end of the world. Not many bands can say that they have already lived in hell. Bloody Stool can!

First Drop

All 5 current members of Bloody Stool did hard time in Starke, a complete shithole with its own death chamber. Nothing says death metal like living in a place with its own death chamber, and knowing that lethal injections are just business at Starke. You have a lot of time in prison. Down time. Depressing time. Suicidal thought time. Prison sucks. More than you can imagine. Music, as we all know, can help you escape and get through the bad times. It can save you. It can motivate you. It can help you endure through the hard time.

The members of Bloody Stool met in Starke while exchanging CDs & tapes of extreme metal bands, many of them based in Florida. Obituary (Pure Florida Death Metal), Morbid Angel (Trey The Monster), Death (Chuck Lives!), and Cave of Swimmers (South American/Miami ShredJam) led to bands like Jucifer (The First Couple of Sludge/Doom), Bongripper (Chicago’s Version of Hell), Mayhem (Enough Said!), Burzum (Varg!), Marduk (All In!), SunnO))) (Mr. O’Malley & The Boys), Earth (Dylan!), Boris (Japan’s Finest), Opeth (Swedish Melodic Death), Celtic Frost (The Originators of Death Metal), The Melvins (Buzz!), The Mars Volta (Total Freakshow), Lamb of God (Go VCU!), The Cramps (Lux!), Lemmy and the boys of Motorhead (RIP), Bad Brains (DC’s Bad Ass Brothers), and Iron Maiden (Royalty). There’s obviously more bands that were influential, but you get the picture.

The music became all consuming. It became life. It is now life. It is what helped the band do their stint at Starke. It is the reason why Bloody Stool exists.

Each Bloody Stool band mate committed felonies, paid their debt in full to society, and are now on a mission to rewrite the script on music, metal, volume, anger, and the intensity that is a permanent scar that only prison can tattoo on an individual. Bloody Stool has changed their names to protect their past victims and families.

Plus, it’s none of your f-ing business!

Call it luck or fate, but all of the members of Bloody Stool were released within a year of each other. The plan was in place way before the parole board unknowingly launched Bloody Stool. All 5 members were going to meet up, and start their plan for the takeover of musical volume and aggression. Money didn’t matter. Food didn’t matter. Nothing mattered but the brothers in Bloody Stool, and the music that was going to be created for a rabid and rapidly growing fan base now known as “Stoolies.”

Implementation of the plan would be all consuming, and the only focus. Success is not the goal. Notoriety is not the goal. The goal is to make a mark. The goal is to leave a mark, a scar, a permanent mental tatoo on the musical hate driven part of your brain. The goal is for the music of Bloody Stool help you do the time in whatever “prison” you are in. Let the journey begin.

Current Blood Flow

Death can be good business. Death is constant. This isn’t referring to death metal… it’s referring to Trimm’s grandmother dying and leaving the band enough money to rent a shitty house in the middle of nowhere Florida and buy some used equipment. Thanks Ethel, now the literal “mother” of Bloody Stool.

The house is literally filled with amplifiers. They are everywhere, stacked to the ceiling of each crappy room. There are 6 people currently in the house. The 5 members of Bloody Stool, and another recently paroled cellmate referred to only as “Techie J” or “TJ.” TJ was in prison for internet crimes, and is a genius with all things electrical, etc. He is now channeling his energy to altering and customizing all of the amps, guitars, and other equipment Bloody Stool uses for what he calls “maximum impact.” The sounds coming out of that house cannot be described, and can hopefully translate to vinyl. As for the upcoming live shows, they will be an assault on all things sacred.

It’s a brutal existence, but beats the hell out of prison. Another inmate from Starke fortunately had some connections in the music business, which led to Bloody Stool signing a developmental 2 record deal with Pigzebub Records. Networking in prison? WTF! After hearing a few songs Bloody Stool performed in the “HellHouse”, Pigzebub wanted to be a part of the upcoming onslaught of sound and overall debautchery/chaos. Visionaries or masochists? Maybe both.

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