Bloody Stool Band Members

The 5 legs of Bloody Stool used aliases because it’s none of your damn business about their past.  It’s the past!  FU if that doesn’t pass your sniff test!

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Richard "Dick" Hickory

drums, percussion/bone rattler

Dick Hickory. The name says it all. Could be the best drummer name ever! Dick is the elder stateman of Bloody Stool because his ticket to Starke was armed robbery. Still one to be overly aggressive, it just made sense that drums would be Chapter 2 of his warped and twisted life. Playing loud & hard is an understatement. He pretty much breaks at least one drum head every time Bloody Stool plays. He stacks them in the bathroom, which seems appropriate.

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Ernie "Rip" Flinquel

guitar/digital noise applications

Ernie Flinquel earned his nick name “Rip” because he loved to print off $100 bills, and passing them through the system. Some people call it forgery, “Rip” called it ripping off the corrupt government. Eventually, his money game in Tampa ended, and his Bloody Stool adventure began in Starke. Rip is the type of person that can play any instrument he picks up. A natural musical talent, Rip works with Trimm & Bucky to write most songs for Bloody Stool.

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Felipe "Gator" Reeno

bass/low end anchoring strategies

The pride of Miami, Florida, “Gator” came to the US from Cuba on a leaky boat with 23 of his closest friends. Felipe discovered cocaine on day 2 in Miami, and rose quickly in South Florida’s “distribution” network. An eventual sting operation landed him in Starke. During the good years in Miami, “Gator” became of big fan of all thinks recorded by Jaco Pastorius, so the bass was the logical home for his spot in Bloody Stool.

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Thomas "Trimm" Carpenter

lead guitarist/face shredder

Trimm played around with his dad’s guitar since he was six. Self-taught, the fretboard made sense from day one. He spent some time in a few high school metal bands, but lost interest and found his passion in chasing girls (i.e. see his nickname!) and working on cars instead. Stealing high lever Mercedes & Porsche cars put Trimm in Starke. Now he’s totally focused on ripping a guitar. Holy crap!