Bloody Stool Equipment

There’s always a little dude in prison that everyone leaves alone because he is such an easy mark. That’s “Techie J.” At 125 pounds soaking wet, TJ is the kid that took everything apart to find out how it worked. When TJ got out of Starke, there was no one there to pick him up. He called Bucky, and has been living in the “HellHouse” ever since.

No one knew he would actually be a part of the Bloody Stool project until we discovered him taking apart and altering a Marshall Amp and a pawn shop Jackson guitar. Forget computers, TJ is now in the music business, and is the reason Bloody Stool has a sound that is so unique. He is also the reason that there will never be an equipment endorsement deal for Bloody Stool. He alters every piece of gear that the band uses. Who cares about endorsements. Bloody Stool has “Techie J.”

Bloody Stool uses: