Techie J’s Decibel Dungeon

When Techie J got out of prison, he had no one else to call but Bucky to hopefully come and pick him up. If Bucky would have said “FU”, then Bloody Stool would not have their unmistakable sound. For whatever reason, Bucky saw something in Techie J, and actually cared enough to bring him back to the “Hellhouse” to live side by side with the band. That surprised everyone, because Bucky hates most people and can be a real prick. However, when it came to Techie J, Bucky had a gut feel that he wanted him around and actually wanted to take care of what most people saw as a scrawny piece of smelly shit (aka: Techie J)!

The world changed for Techie J, Bloody Stool®, and the rest of the musical world when Techie J took apart one of the Marshall Amps in the “Hellhouse.” He stayed up all night, and was fascinated with the whole amplification concept. When he put that old amp back together, he added some “tech shit” (as he put it) and then asked Trimm to plug in and start ripping. What came out of that Marshall was alien-esq. It was hard to describe, but Bucky knew right then after hearing the first chord that his Theory of Volume project had its lifetime engineer with the freakshow known as Techie J.

To prove that it wasn’t a fluke, Bucky gave Techie J two old Orange & Fender amps to “modify.” A week later, Techie J emerged from the basement with his now famous “I’m done… plug in Trimm” mantra. The band listened in shock, horror, amazement, and total disbelief with what they were hearing. Holy shit! Techie J was either a musical genious or a madman… or both. From there on in, the basement of the “HellHouse” is where Techie J lives, and where he works his magic on all Bloody Stool equipment.

The band now refers to Techie’s disgusting living environment in the basement as “Techie J’s Decibel Dungeon.” Seems appropriate, and Techie J is living his dream, albeit in his own amplifier ridden cesspool of a dungeon. Below are some of the amps that Techie J has “modified” for the band. Yes… Bloody Stool uses them all… and the amp rig is a work of Techie J art, and a sight to be seen.

Techie J insisted that the amp links below be a live connection (click the logo) to the company site to pay homage to the original designers. Even though Techie J lives to modify and improve every amp he sets his hands on, he literally worships the original designers as what he calls “gods of volume.”

Bloody Stool uses: