Who is Gary The Evil Gargoyle

Gary the Gargoyle Bloody Stool image

The official “mascot” of Bloody Stool looks like a distorted Gargoyle from hell.  Iron Maiden has their “Eddie.”  Bloody Stool has “Gary.”  Gary The Evil Gargoyle, that is!

As with all things Bloody Stool, there is a unique and tragic story that somehow turns into a silver lining for the band.  Before Bucky went to jail, he had a daughter named Raven who was the best thing that ever happened to him.  Bucky and Raven’s mom both have “issues” (understatement), and growing up with genetically dysfunctional parents is a bad hand of “life cards” for any kid to deal with.  Raven had a straight flush of DNA crap.

Raven was a troubled child growing up, and was “Baker Acted” by the state of Florida for headbutting another student when she was just 6 years old.

Yes, a six-year-old girl headbutting another 6-year-old girl! About that same time, Bucky was in his third year at Starke and had lost a custody battle with Raven’s mom a year earlier.  So when Bucky heard the news of Raven’s “acting out”, he so wanted to be there for his daughter… but was helplessly stuck in solitary confinement for his own recent assault issues in jail.  Ironically, Raven was now in a state home for troubled girls, and alone just like her dad… for all practical purposes.  The only thing she had was a therapeutic art program for one hour every day.  That’s the only time she ever enjoyed being alive.

That’s where “Gary The Gargoyle” came from.  It came out of a 6-year old’s disturbed mind.  It’s what came out of Raven’s dark soul, through her hands, and into the clay.

To this day, this sculpture made from a 6-year-old Raven is Bucky’s prize possession.  It’s the one thing in his life he has from Raven.  He would give his life to protect his child’s sculpture.  Unfortunately, Raven took her own life 37 days before Bucky was let out of prison.  Bucky has never recovered from this tragedy, and his only emotional outlet is Bloody Stool.  There’s a reason the music sounds like it does.

It only makes sense that Gary The Evil Gargoyle is the “face” of Bloody Stool.  As long as the band is plugging into Techie J’s amp rig, Gary will always be there.  Bucky will make sure of that.