As with all things Bloody Stool, somehow there is a connection to the prison at Starke where the bandmembers met. To the band’s surprise, the merchandise company that our record company (Pigzebub Records) introduced us to is run by a former and fellow “resident” at Starke! WTF!

Unlike Bloody Stool, he is trying to keep secret that he did some hard time in Raeford, Florida… so we will keep his company anonymous. However, we can say that his t-shirts and swag are the best quality on the planet.

There is one unique thing about this company that we actually love and sets our stuff apart from every band in the world… but some find a little “weird.” Whenever one of the Bloody Stool designs involves the color red, our fellow prison mate mixes the color base with goats blood. Yes… actual goats blood! He’s dead serious about it, and it’s some ritualistic thing for him. We’re somewhat afraid to ask the details (and don’t really give a shit!), but the bottom line is that he will not print red without blood from a recently slaughtered goat!

All we know is that it’s ridiculously cool, and we are the only client he does this for. Whether he is protecting us from evil, thinks we are evil, or he himself is evil, Bloody Stool is the only band that uses goats blood for the color red. Can’t make this shit up… and this should be a primary reason that you should wear Bloody Stool gear. GOATS BLOOD!

Initially, we have a few t-shirts available that were designed by our resident artist and deranged drummer, Dick Hickory. I guess he learned how to draw during his two-decade stint in Starke. Weird, but true.

In between breaking drum heads, Dick has taken it upon himself to design all of the Bloody Stool swag and album covers. Check back often to see what’s coming out of Dick’s brain!

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