Stool Samples

bloody stool sample inset image

The band is currently working on their first album, The Theory of Volume I, and hope to be finished with an EP version available on vinyl by the end of 2017.

Note from the band:

Bucky is back in jail for a few months due to a “misunderstanding” with his parole officer.  In the interim, we wanted to let our fans know that we are hard at work on our first album, The Theory of Volume I.  This one song should we your appetite, and let you know that Techie J has the amp rig tweaked to perfection.  When Bucky gets out, he will start laying down the vocals.

Hang in there with us.  We all obviously have some “issues” we are working through.  We promise it will be worth the wait, and thanks so much for your patience with our crazy asses!

Be sure to Contact Us to hear more audio clips and videos as we make them available!

Trimm, Dick, Rip, Gator… and Techie J!