Theory of Volume I White Paper

Theory of Volume I cover imageBucky’s bizarre journey has brought him to his life’s work and all-consuming obsession with volume. It took hard time in prison to culminate his sole focus toward the Theory of Volume. With a lot of time being spent in solitary confinement, Bucky was either listening to music as loud as the prison issued headphones would take… or in complete and total silence. What he found was that they were both the same in a strange way. Both volume and silence could calm you, or drive you crazy. Both were heavy. Both were motivational. Both could be depressing. They were one in the same.
Bucky’s Theory of Volume is a living, breathing document. It’s the Constitution for Amplification. It’s Bucky’s brain. It’s a life’s work that will never be finished. It’s the constant voice in Bucky’s head that never shuts off. It’s his diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD!) on crack, and turned up to 11… as Spinal Tap would say!

The good news for Bloody Stool fans worldwide is that his work on the Theory of Volume is producing unbelievable music that will challenge the listener to embrace loudness and silence as one in the same. Along the way, Bucky and the band want you to embrace life as well… even if you consider yours as fulfulling… or a complete shitfest. At the end of the day, none of it matters. Only volume (however you define it) matters. It’s your own personal Theory of Volume that matters.

Bucky is still working on this “Volume Manifesto”, and it will be available soon via a PDF download… and possibly in E-Book form. Only Bucky knows! He’s always working on it.