Theory of Volume I

Bloody Stool’s First Album!

Theory of Volume I cover image

Amplification isn’t just about being loud, it’s about setting the tone and environment for life.  As the t-shirt from Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson’s SunnO))) project says, “Ever Breathe A Frequency?”  As the story goes, a person named Den Haag went to a live SunnO))) performance and his comment was “that the sound was so incredibly present from where he was placed that he was inhaling pure frequencies in a way similar to the technique of cranial-sacral massage.”  According to SunnO)))’s website, Den’s comment was a reflection of and old amplifier add that said “Breathe In The Heavy!”

Bucky and Trimm are huge SunnO))) fans, and the Theory of Volume I is Bloody Stool’s attempt to redefine loud.  Reevaluating the proper use of intense amplification.  Reinventing the proper implementation of musical volume.

Bucky’s master plan for the rest of his (and the band’s) life outside of prison is the sole focus on volume. Theory of Volume I will be the initial offering of hopeful follow up Volumes II, III, IV, V, etc. Life is fragile as we all know… but redefining volume is the dream… the hope… the plan… and the future of Bloody Stool.